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Jenna and Andy partied it up at one of our favorite San Diego wedding venues, Stone Garden. As San Diego photographers we love shooting outdoors, and Stone Garden definitely fits the bill. It is an all outdoor venue with a huge patio area for the reception and a beautiful pond area for the ceremony.


Stone GardenJenna and Andy 2Jenna and Andy 3Jenna and Andy 4Jenna and Andy 5

IMG_4294Congratulations to Michelle and Mike on getting engaged in San Diego! We recently climbed some small mountains in South East San Diego to hopefully catch a beautiful sunset. And we really lucked out! It has been raining a lot in San Diego and California in general, which is fantastic because we are in a major drought. Duh! But almost as fantastic is we actually have some green in our landscape. The hillsides were lush, which made for some great visuals while we were on our hike.

We will be heading up later this year to take their wedding photos in Orange County. We are pumped about that and wish it were sooner as we had a blast during the engagement session. Michelle and Mike really killed it during their hike/session. Sometimes couples get a little nervous and that is totally understandable, but not them. After the first few clicks they settled in nicely and we just went for a little hike and I just happened to have a fancy camera with me. haha! I think the best attitude with engagement sessions and photography in general is to stay relaxed, be yourself and treat your photographer like a friend you are hanging out with.

Candice and Matt crushed their wedding at the La Jolla’s Women’s Club this past fall. We were thrilled to be a part of the event and so glad that they found us. Finding photographers in San Diego is not an easy task.

One of our favorite details of the event were the donuts. We could eat donuts all day. And like the song says, all you need is Love and a donut, right? Right. Another favorite was the Italian food truck, Mangia Mangia Mobile.

The evening went smooth thanks to Julie keeping everyone on track and Mic kept the music pumping.

Elite Brittish DJ – Mic

The Best Wedding for You – Julie

La Jolla Women’s Club



Donut Bar

The day started off at the Best Western for the guys and La Valencia Hotel for the women. The BW is more economical and walking distance from the LJW’s Club. LV is more high end and a little too far to walk in a dress and heels.

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Leo Carrillo Ranch might be our favorite venue in all of Southern California. However, be careful of the peacocks during mating season, they are super loud! haha! The ranch has been operated by the City of Carlsbad since the late 1970’s. The original owner, Leo Carrillo, was an actor and stared in the 1950’s T.V. series, Cisco Kid.

L and R were a perfect fit for the rustic setting of the ranch. I love the white adobe walls and old ranch style. It feels like you are brought back in time to the 1800’s.

You can tell the guests had a great time! The alcohol was definitely flowing!

Another great aspect of the ranch is it an entirely outdoor venue. We LOVE outdoor only venues.  Not a stuffy ballroom! Yay!

You will probably notice the large blue hands! These were a promo item for the New York Mets and played a crucial part in L and R meeting. L was wearing one after a game  at a stadium bar and gave R the perfect ice breaker. Such a great detail to include! I do believe Samantha wanted to punch me with one, but I can’t remember why!

To contact the Ranch and book your event. Click here.

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Leo Carrillo Ranch

Leo Carrillo Ranch

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